Our Story

We are a small company and the few people who work here love the outdoors, nature and bird watching. Some of us have had birdbaths in the past and were plagued by ongoing upkeep. We came together to design the best possible birdbath both for the birds and for us humans.

The following is just one of our stories:

Imagine investing in a birdbath after an exhaustive search. You settle on one, and either have it delivered because it's very heavy, or you put one together. The bowl is pretty and shallow. You fill it and wait. While waiting you decide to move it to a better location, but you cannot pick it up, so it stays put.

After a time, a bird flies down and bathes. You are thrilled until it splashes out all the water and have to fill it back up. This happens a lot, but you are enjoying the birds frolicking so you don't mind...until you do. After some time you don't fill it as often, and there's always a little water in the dish in which mosquitoes can and will breed. 

Not exactly the birdbath of your dreams!

Well, we have considered all of those challenges and have rectified them with a brand new type of birdbath that we proudly manufacture in the USA! We believe that our birdbaths are the "flapping" best and will be the last type of birdbath you'll ever need or want.