Care 101


A major feature is that our birdbaths are lightweight and you can move them around easily, so always handle with care!

After you've set up your birdbath, maintaining it is very simple. Because the reservoir holds gallons of water, keeping water in it is not a daily, or even a weekly, chore. Once in awhile topping it off will be necessary, and you'll get to know when after you've been watching it for a little while.

During hot weather check the water level about once a week and top it off if needed. And if you live in snow country, you might want to break down the birdbath and store it in the winter. In freezing weather the water flowing from the spigot can freeze, which could harm the water pump.

About once a month, or when it looks like it needs a cleaning, the birdbath should be cleaned out. Unplug the electrical cord. The old water in the reservoir is rich in nutrients for plants and trees, so you can water them instead of wasting the water. 

Use a plastic brush for cleaning the reservoir and dish. It won't take much elbow grease to clean your birdbath. Rinse both with fresh water. Open the filter box, remove the filter pads and rinse well. Rinse out the inside of the box. Replace the pads (black goes on top) and add the top of the box, making sure you feel it lock onto the box.

Refill the reservoir, then place the filter box and tube inside it. Thread the tube up through the round hole in the dish, place the dish on the reservoir and add the spigot to the tube.

Plug in the cord. It's as easy as that!