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Lovingly inspired by the Oak and Maple trees, this tree trunk holds a leaf, which was molded from an Elephant Ear leaf.

These artisan birdbaths are all one of a kind and handmade in Austin, Texas. We've taken the birdbath to a new level by adding a filter box and a pump. Because of these additions, our baths require the lowest level of maintenance of any birdbath on the market today.

Treena Reservoir Dimensions:

Height: 26"

Diameter: 19 1/2-20"

Weight: 25 lbs.

Leaf Dimensions:

Height: 4 1/2"

Width: 24 1/2"

Length: 33"

Weight: 6 lbs.


 Ready to go- just plug and play!

* Low maintenance and light weight

* Fountain-like sounds of gurgling water help block out unwanted noises, creating a relaxing atmosphere and the sounds of the water attract the birds. Sometimes it may take a month, or so, for the shyer birds to begin coming to the baths. They often begin by drinking while assessing the depth of the water and its flow. Be patient, they will come and they will enjoy!

* The constant flow of water out the spigot and back down into the reservoir aerates the water. And the water circulation inside the dish helps keep the bowl cleaner and keeps mosquitoes from breeding in it!

* The running water moves through a bio-ball filter helping to keep the water cleaner. The bio-balls help promote "the growth of beneficial bacteria." The sloped lid of the filter box "allows large debris to roll off" of it. And since the pump is inside the filter box, the pump is protected from clogs, which is a big problem with other birdbaths. Plus, the pump is "energy efficient!"

* We purposely applied a UV resistant sealer that will protect the color on the birdbaths and is used in large water tanks fit for human consumption. We wanted a non-toxic sealer: hoping if it was fit for us, it would be fit for the birds. After an exhausted search, we found it. We have been testing it over time and have found that the birds have tolerated it well.

* The birdbaths are made of high density polyurethane foam, which are made to last! This could be the last birdbath you'll ever need!

* Lifetime Replacement Warranty (Please refer to our warranty page)

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